Tregren Case


When developing their energy-saving, smart and ecological Genie Growing lamp Tregren, (leading Finnish clean tech company specialized in developing and producing ecological, contemporary and convenient indoor gardens based on Active Growing Technology), approached Coolics Oy and briefed a task to design a compact and lightweight (target max. 60g) LED-module suitable for growing light for their Genie Growing lamp.

The LED light spectrum should be optimal for plants and should give enough lumens for this application. Also the size of LED module should be very compact in order to meet the design restrictions.

Customer`s (Tregren Oy) product and supplier demands for Genie light source module:

  • Light weight, target max. 60g
  • Efficient and fast production process!
  • Lower material investments
  • Reduced total costs; module itself, transportation costs, PCB investments
  • Possibility to customize module for designers demands
  • Environmentally friendly final product
  • Supplier should be reliable and in front of technology development.

    By using their proprietary and patented technology Coolics Oy was able to develop a solution that was agreed by this demanding customer.

Final product; Tregren Genie kitchen garden

PCB overmoulded. Led module, PCB) has been Injection moulded as a final light engine component.

Coolics Led Heat sink module assembled.