Lower Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is a description of the human activities on the environment in terms of the amount of the greenhouse gases (GHG) produced during an activity. This impact is measured in units of carbon dioxide (CO2) This measurement is meant to be useful for individual and organizations to conceptualize their personal or organizational impact in contributing to global warming.

The goal of LCA is to compare the full range of environmental damages assignable to products and services, and to be able to choose between alternatives. The term “life cycle” refers to idea in which all phases in the life a product, from raw material production, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal, as well as the transportation between each step, are included in the analysis.

Below short summary Carbon Foot Print aspects between Coolics vs. Aluminium based heat sinks LCA from the raw material production, heat sink manufacturing, transportation and material disposal points of views. For more information download our white paper.

Raw material production:
Aluminium raw material production is much more environmentally unfriendly than making the injection moulding raw materials by compounding process. Aluminium raw material production also by far much more energy consuming process than compounding.

Heat sink manufacturing:

Extrusion and Die-Casting methods used at aluminium heat sink production are requiring more energy than Injection moulding process used at Coolics heat sink manufacturing.


Coolics products are app.- 40% lighter that their aluminium counterparts. This means reduction at the freight costs and energy saving at transportation. Example of transportation weight reduction: 20.000psc of aluminium heat sinks/64gr. each= 1280 kg vs.20.000 pcs. of Coolics® based heat sinks/38 gr. each= 760 kg. Savings: 520kg/20.000 pcs.).


Both materials can be 100% recycled during manufacturing. It is unknown if the better recyclability of aluminium can be used at these types of products (installed heat sinks) or not.