Co-operation downlight project combines LEDIL optics with injection molded thermally conductive heatsink by Coolics Oy

Final product lightweight only 135g

Ledil`s MIRA-WW and MINNIE-XW optics

Coolics Heat sink Module PCB overmoulded

Assembly parts

Advanced downlight application project was an outcome of the close co-operation with LEDIL Oy and Coolics Oy.

The goal was to develop lightweight (135g) downlight design that allows tilt between 0...30 degrees with all luminaires attached.

By using the patented Coolics technology it was possible to create a “plug and play” final product with less parts used than at those versions using traditional aluminium heat sinks.

The project outcome is compatible with LEDIL's Mira optics and Minnie reflector families.

Heat sink was developed by Coolics Oy – a Finnish company who is specialized of making injection molded heat sinks made of Thermally Conductive Polymers (TCP's). The high-precision injection moulding technology used enabled cost effective snap-on construction of the final product.

Patented Coolics® technology also allows the PCB of the LED to be inserted inside the injection moulded LED casing.The key advantage of this technology is that no additional heat sinks are needed and the final products will be much more compact, lighter and more versatile at use as well as more environmental friendly that the traditional aluminium heatsinks. The products made by this future heatsink technology are also totally corrosion free.

Overmoulded PCB, "plug and play" components, final product