Customized Coolics Solutions

By using the flexible Coolics injection moulding technology the products can be easily customized. The freedom to create different shapes and different colors adds value to Coolics customers. Injection moulding process guarantees accurate and precisely made products.

Coolics based solutions are more economical and give much more freedom of design than conventional LED solutions with aluminium based heatsinks.

You can also design custom made solutions where lighting element itself works as a thermal transfer component.

The products are available in wide variety of thermoplastic resins - they can be adjusted to the various types of environments and usages. Thermoplastic material chosen can be either electrically conductive or insulative – hence safe at use and do not interfere with radio transmissions (eg. suitable also to marine environments). Materials also have an inherent corrosion resistance and the final products can be used in corrosive environments.

Coolics products can be easily mounted to any surface – part consolidation simplifies the device assembly. They are also lighter weight than products with aluminium heat sinks. Products made with Coolics technology are more environmental friendly than the products with aluminium heat sinks.

In addition to the customized and standard Coolics heat sink modules we offer a wide range of services related to the injection moulding manufacturing including mould design services, manufacturing planning, product manufacturing, final assembly and delivery logistics.

We can manufacture products from traditional plastics, different composites and biodegradable materials. Please contact us to find out how we can serve you for your needs.