Coolics Technology

The golden standard at LED cooling has so far been aluminium based heat sinks. Without cooling the LED will suffer from thermal stress - cooling will dramatically expand the duration of LED’s life span.

Products made of Coolics are made of proprietary combination of Thermally Conductive Polymers (TCP’s) developed by world's leading material manufacturers – materials that are designed and tested to full fill the high performance demands for the LED cooling applications. Proprietary additives, fibers and fillers provide additional thermal conductivity, because they tend to align with the polymer flow during injection moulding.

Thermal conductivity of TCP’s can be 50 to 100 times greater than standard plastics. Even though metals are often chosen as LED heatsink materials, many applications do not require this level of thermal transfer. TCP’s combine the cooling capabilities of metals with the customization, environmental friendliness and lower costs benefits of plastics.

As a result Coolics products transfer heat directly through objects and only releases minimal amount to the sides, making it easier to control the direction of the heat transfer.

Patented Coolics technology is based on two innovations:

  • Coolics Optima is proprietary family of polymers which includes several receipes of Thermally Conductive Polymers combined with the innovative use of ceramic components.
  • Coolics Injection Moulding Technology where heat generating LED component is inserted to thermally conductive raw material.

This next generation application is based to deep understanding of thermoplastic materials and injection moulding process know-how.

This Future Heatsink Technology guarantees several benefits to our Customers including Lower Carbon Footprint, reduced weight, inherent corrosion resistance and total customization of the final product.

This technology allows also designs where the lighting element itself works as a thermal transfer component.